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The CW Real Estate Ibiza offers its clients a wide range of attractive villas on Ibiza combined with an excellent all-round service.

Have you finally decided to settle on this enchanting island and purchase the property you have envisioned? We offer a wide selection of top quality properties like luxury villas, appartment, land and fincas on Ibiza. The CW Real Estate Ibiza is at your side to give you advice and assistance in your quest for your perfect residence. You can reach us by phone on +34 602 491 493. We are delighted to make your dreams happen.

It is our endeavor to find you the perfect property that adapts to your wishes and, above all, where you feel at home. Find the best offer for sale of all types of properties in Ibiza. CW Real estate Ibiza always tries to meet the needs of its customers and thus find the right property for the customer. We do everything necessary to ensure a trouble-free purchase of a property.

This long experience in the real estate business enables you to offer a comprehensive and personalized solution. The fast processing and accessibility combined with the commitment to other agencies make the CW Real Estate Ibiza a company that leads to the needs of each individual to a quick success. We have the professionalism that we can advise every customer with seriousness and absolute trust our customers and they find the right property. We offer the maximum guarantee so that the customer can enjoy the best real estate service. If you like to charter a privat jet, click here.

Find you the property with CW Real Estate Ibiza

To make your search easier, just leave it to us. We will be pleased to send you a selection of suitable properties. Simply fill out our uncomplicated and short contact form. Our agents will get back to you promptly and send you selected properties that match your search criteria.

Call us or email us your request. We are available for you at any time.
The satisfaction of our customers stands in the forefront!
We make your visions a reality and stand by your side throughout the entire process.

Property for sale at CW Real Estate Ibiza

Take advantage of our services and be surprised how many opportunities Ibiza has to offer to invest, make more of your money by investing in a property in Ibiza!

Ibiza's growth in value increases year by year. The time is now! Don't miss the chance to invest your money sensibly and find a property for sale Ibiza. Our many years of experience, our dedication and the wide assortment of products we have compiled will make you another of our happy and contented customers. Over the years we have built up a network of contacts with architects, lawyers, financial advisors, housekeepers, cleaners and gardeners who make your life in Ibiza much more enjoyable. We have a relationship with a number of owners who have placed their property in our hands and then it is our task to put them in the best hands.

Find the best property for sale in Ibiza

Call us at +34 602 491 493 !!!

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Charleen Wolf

Our team has grown! We would like to introduce you to the new face of our team. Our esteemed partner Charleen Wolf is another of our competent agents and will be at your side with advice and assistance and accompany you until the conclusion of the sale to ensure that the purchase of your property is as uncomplicated as possible for you.

The Ibiza real estate team will help you find the right property for you

If you want to buy a property, a high quality real estate agent is crucial to the smooth running of the process. Let us advise you correctly and above all honestly! Many real estate agents would like to dob you to purchase a real estate that does not meet your criteria or is far above your planned budget. With the CW real estate Ibiza agency you can be sure that your satisfaction is important to us.

How do you recognise a good real estate scout? He will share his knowledge of the market with you and speak openly and honestly with you. He will draw your attention to points of criticism. For the right broker there are no problems, only solutions, he will meet with all his contacts and will discuss eventual complications. We are like this!

Pick the right lawyer
We advise our clients to seek a qualified lawyer to advise them and a tax advisor to deal with tax affairs. If you have made the decision to acquire a property in Spain or abroad in general, contacting a lawyer during your stay may be beneficial, although you may not have found what you are looking for. From a distance it is tricky to evaluate a good lawyer, be on the spot and be selective! Again, your CW Real Estate Ibiza agent will provide you with the appropriate lawyer.

Accomplish the most essential upfront
Consult a lawyer for advice, who will carry out the transaction quickly and reliably, you need a so-called NIE number as a foreigner in Spain (tax number) and a local bank account.

Proper negotiation when buying real estate in Ibiza
When negotiating the purchase price of your dream property, it is advantageous to consult a real estate agent as an expert. Keep in mind that an offer that is too low could arouse little enthusiasm on the part of the seller and then be detrimental to the owner.
A well-defined bid will usually awaken the vendor's interest.

From the outset, take all negotiating points into account instead of gradually.
In the best case you write down your offer, the more serious you appear with the salesman and that again increases your chances (in the case that there are several prospective customers).
Apart from your offer price, you should also enclose the amount of the down payment and the timeframe in which you can pay the purchase price, as well as a potential date to sign the contract.
You should agree on what is included in the price, i.e. Möbelar. Don't forget to check in advance whether all the technical equipment is working properly in order to prevent nasty fright.
Your lawyer can also be called in during the negotiation to verify that the legal aspects of the bid are met. In the case of tougher dealings, the lawyer can also intervene and assist.

How do I buy a real estate in Ibiza?
Buying a property in Spain is easier than you might imagine. In the land register you will receive the most important information about your dream property, for example whether the house is debt-free or further costs still arise. Normally, a private purchase contract is signed, unless the full purchase price has been paid at once. In this private sales contract you will find all the necessary details such as the description of the property, the purchase amount, the conditions of payment, the date of signing the sales contract, the day of the ownership title transfer, etc.

Once signed, a down payment must be effected, the rate may differ depending on the agreement. Normally 10% is agreed when the deal is expected to be closed within 30 to 60 days.
For projects, the purchase price is paid in multiple rates during the development process. In this case, if the house is not finished by a given date, the buyer has the option to demand back the amounts paid and interest. In accordance with a further law, the developer is obligated to take out a 10-year insurance policy for the purchaser to cover building faults.
After payment of the entire sales price, the seller obtains a so-called escritura (notarial deed of ownership). The acquisition of a Luxury real estate in Ibiza will of course be finalized and examined by a lawyer of our trust, if you consent.

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